A description of the pistol from the Rock Island Auction

This is gold plated Beretta Model 1934 features a scroll and dot border engraving and a royal cypher of King Alfonso XIII of Spain on the left grip panel. The cypher is consistent with others found on firearms belonging to King Alfonso XIII of Spain. In 1931 Alfonso fled Spain as the Second Spanish Republic was proclaimed. He retained his title and lived as a Monarch in exile in Rome until his abdication in favor of his grandson Juan Carlos I and death six weeks later in 1941. This pistol illustrates the King’s passion for shooting and his appreciation for fine firearms whilst embracing new technologies. King Alfonso XIII was an extremely accomplished shot who hunted throughout Europe in the company of fellow monarchs and heads of state. The scrollwork and dot border engraving covers the sides of the frame and the slide and extends to the grip straps. The engraving surrounds the factory markings on the left side of the slide: ""P. BERETTA CAL. 9 CORTO BREV GARDONE V.T. 1939-XVII." The left rear side of the frame is dated "1939" and has two Italian proofs. The underside of the frame is marked "KB 6165." The left grip panel has a gold plated shield overlay featuring a raised royal cypher of the King, a "crown/A." The grips are made of beautiful and rare black pearl.

Sold for $7,475.00 on 9/12/2015