I am not a political person, this website does not reflect any political views. My collection represents a historical record of the types of firearms used in the last century during a time of uheaval in the world.

My collection has taken decades to assemble and I have traveled extensively to gun shows, auctions, vets or the family of vets homes to acquire some of the firearms on this website.

Whenever possible I have tried to document the vets service and history of how he came into possession of his trophy.

One of the things I can offer new collectors is to become knowledgeable about what your are collecting by buying books on the subject, talking to other collectors and researching your area of interest.

I have been blessed in my life with parents who taught me the value of working hard to become successful and a wife who supports my hobbies.

Outside of my career I enjoy Scuba Diving, have logged over 1,000 technical and recreational dives, shooting firearms of many types. Including class 3 weapons, pistols, rifles, black powder firearms and bench rest rifles out to 1,000 yards. I reload obsolete ammo and am an above average gunsmith.

I also like to track my car on various ractracks during the season.