Welcome to P.38 Guns

This Web Site features a comprehensive, private collection of WWII P.38 known variations and other Axis and Allied pistols.

Pistols shown in detail are the Walther P.38, (0 Series P.38, 480 P.38, ac P.38, Commercial Walter P.38) Mauser P.38, (byf P.38, svw P.38) Spreewerk P.38 (cyq P.38, cvq P.38) East German reworked Walter P.38's including post war East German guns from Mauser, Spreewerk and French P.38's)

Also featured are Astra, Armand Gavage, Bergman Bayard, Bayard, Beholla, Beretta, Browning, CZ, Dreyse, Femaru, Frommer Stop, Glisenti, Gustloff-Werke, Inglis, Jager, Mauser, Menta, Nagant, Nambu, Radom, Star B, Steyr Hahn, TT33, Unique and German Flare Pistols.

Belt Buckles and Holsters are also listed according to manufacturer and model number.