First Variation serial numbers 701,348-715,680 (3,000 produced)

First Variation - sub variation large e/655

Second Variation serial numbers 713,182-740,884 (5,000 produced)

Third Variation serial numbers 745,338-781,415 (4,000 produced) "rig"

Fourth Variation serial numbers 801,145-885,126 (31,000 produced) "rig" 827391

Fourth Variation consecutive numbered "rig" 827392

Fourth Variation - sub variation 3 line code

Fifth Variation

Fifth Variation serial numbers 887,856-951,629 (32,000 produced)

Fifth Variation Phosphated finish produced near the end of production.


First Variation E/L serial numbers 711,811-787,442 (10,000 produced)

Second Variation E/L serial numbers 788,450-938,075 without 3 lines on the slide. Complete rig with 2 matched mags. (10,000 total produced includes sub variations)

Second Variation E/L serial numbers 788,450-938,075 with 3 lines on slide.

Third Variation E/F serial numbers 946,120-948,703 (2,500 produced)


First Variation serial numbers 700000-701343 (KM guns mixed with commercial production) RARE

Second Variation serial numbers 707517-851751 (7,000 produced)

Third Varation serial numbers 733532-885247 (2,000 produced)

Fourth Variation serial numbers 779037-933952 (4,500 produced)

Fourth Variation

Commercial War Production

First Variation Low Grip Screw serial number range 700000-701343

Second Variation High Polish Blue with Lanyard Loop

Third Variation High polish Blue no Lanyard Loop

Fourth Variation Military Blue with Three Line Slide Code

Post War

No Serial Number

Early French Production phosphated with Lanyard Loop serial number range for all pistols 952002-971239

Early French Production phosphated without lanyard loop